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Branding may be the most important element of Social Recognition

Today as I strolled through the isles of Brookshire Brothers grocery store in my hometown in East Texas, I found myself purely searching for one brand. I typically have no intention of brand name buying, especially food, and hardly ever when shopping for clothes. Today was a bit different and I was glad the “Organics”, brand of food had great white packaging and an orange, green and yellow label with their blue trademarked, italicized “O” in Times New Roman. This brand label made it easy to find all of their different variety of food products. My attention was focused on buying anything and everything that this brand had to offer.

I try and provide the best quality food for our two kids Adalia and Takoda. We are all pretty picky eaters, so it says a great deal about the product when our group will eat every thing a brand has to offer. I commend the “O Organics” brand of food products for their great brand and simple business philosophy – “Eating organic food just makes sense.” We will continue to purchase this brand of food with it’s 300+ selection of items for as long as we can. Goodbye Wal-Mart, and hello Brookshire Brothers.

Direct Marketing: guiding viewers to their computer

We usually get asked what we suggest when it comes to ad or marketing campaigns for products. Our response is almost exactly the same every time as seen below.

1) Depends on the product.
2) A strong web based information collection portal supported by direct marketing materials directing users to said site is always a sure thing.
3) If the product is not sale able on the web then that is still a great place for product info, consider it a billboard that you can control and have great viewer interaction.
4) We also recommend tracking your direct marketing campaigns to the minute with GPS so that you know exactly when your material lands in a hand or on a door, thus determining an exact response rate.
5) Once you spend money on a web presence, it is there for ever*, and you don’t have to worry about that loss in printed material Investment.
6) Do it right the first time and then you can worry about changing for the better.

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